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Adding nicer icons to the PageTree in EPiServer

I did some research about adding nicer icons for pages in the EPiServer Page Tree, and I came up with some nice resources.

What seems to be common for all approaches is that you must create css-classes that encapsule each icon to use. At the moment I don't see how to get around this without actually creating the classes.

You also need to create an InitializableModule which sets up the icons when the web is started. I have omitted that code here. Please read the example from the first example below (from, for that code.

This example is complete and shows how to use your own (or a third party lib) icons:

This example shows how to create your own icons (as an image sprite) and use for the icons:

Here's one that shows how to use the already included icons from EPiServer:

In stead of creating and maintaining the list of Episerver icons yourself, as in the example above, you could go for the Jon D Jones nuget package: This iconpack does not really contain any icons, just convenience constants that point to the built-in episerver icons (it seems so to me anyway).

I created a generic attribute, based on reflection, that plugs in the JonDJones icon pack (download from Nuget, as mentioned) into the first example I mentioned from the "nansenblog":

public class ContentIconAttribute : Attribute
    public ContentIconAttribute(Type type, string propertyName)
        IconClass = GetStaticStringValueFromLib(type, propertyName);

    private string GetStaticStringValueFromLib(Type libType, string name)
        var fieldInfo = libType.GetField(name);
        var propInfo = libType.GetProperty(name);
        var value = (fieldInfo?.GetValue(null) ?? propInfo?.GetValue(null)) as string;
        return value;

    /// Css class to apply to the icon
    public string IconClass { get; set; }

And here's how to use it:
using JonDJones.IconPack;

[ContentIcon(typeof(ObjectIcons), nameof(ObjectIcons.Start))]
public class StartPageModel : BasePage

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