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Apple iPhone 4 not showing up in Windows Live Photogallery on Windows 7

This is for iPhone 4, but may also work on other versions of iPhone.

The problem I am having is that the iPhone does not show up when I press the “Import” button in Windows Live Photogallery, and it’s been driving me nuts.

So today I fixed the problem this way:

Procedure 1 (RECOMMENDED):
1. Connect the phone to your Windows PC
2. Open Programs from the Control Panel, and then click the Programs and Features link.
3. Locate and right click the Apple Mobile Device Support application, then choose Repair.
4. Locate and right click the Apple Application Support application, then choose Repair.
5. If you have opened Windows Live Photogallery, close and restart it, then click the “Import” button (top left).

Unfortunately it seems to me that I need to do that each time I connect my iPhone, so it is somehow reverted when I restart the computer. I really think someone at Apple or Microsoft should have done a better job to avoid these problems.

If this does not fix your problem, then I must admit that I also did the following before the procedure above:

1. Connect the phone to your Windows PC
2. Open Device Manager (Right click Computer, then choose Properties, then click the Device Manager option).
3. Under “Universal Serial Bus controllers” I found at the top an entry called something starting with Apple.
4. Uninstall the driver for this.
5. Repeat Procedure 1.

Problem now is that iTunes cannot detect the phone any more.
So… I will need to repair or reinstall iTunes, which is turning out to be a nightmare from hell.

To reinstall iTunes you need to uninstall (according to
1. iTunes
2. Apple Software Update
3. Apple Mobile Device Support
4. Bonjour
5. Apple Application Support

I needed to uninstall the following also, although it did not say so on Apple’s web page so I am unsure the web page is up to date:
6. iCloud

Then restart your computer.

Then download the latest version of iTunes from Apple, and run the installation.