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Get time for given country

This code gets the first time zone for a country (meaning it probably won't work if your country has more than one), and calculates the date/time given the UTC date/time.

The method is an extension to the DateTime type, meaning you can use it by typing .AsLocalTimeForGivenCountryFromUtc(countryCode) after a variable or function returning that type. The countryCode parameter is a string, and must be a two-letter ISO 3166-1 country code.

You need to import John Skeets NodaTime library from NuGet.

using NodaTime.TimeZones;
using System;
using System.Linq;

namespace MyNameSpace

    public static class DateTimeExtension

        public static DateTime AsLocalTimeForGivenCountryFromUtc(this DateTime utcDateTime, string countryCode)
            //no matter what tz info is on the date, assume it is UTC
            var dte = new DateTime(utcDateTime.Year, utcDateTime.Month, utcDateTime.Day, utcDateTime.Hour, utcDateTime.Minute, utcDateTime.Second, DateTimeKind.Utc);
            var tzMapping = TzdbDateTimeZoneSource.Default.WindowsMapping.MapZones.FirstOrDefault(t => t.Territory == countryCode); //NodaTime
            var tz = TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById(tzMapping.WindowsId);
            return TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeFromUtc(dte, tz);


Visual Studio 2015 Freezes when ReSharper is running

Ok, so finally got ReSharper installed. Again. Been doing fine without it for a while, but the team is using it so I got myself a license. But it was a bit of a disappointment at first. It seems that whenever I build my solution, which has both some C# and one F# project, VS freezes. Today it even crashed after being unresponsive for quite a few minutes. Seems more people have the same problem:

So what happened was that I was in my F# project making some changes, then I built the solution, and then I went on to do some more changes in the same project, but things were moving very slowly, and in the end froze completely and then the crash.

So my working theory is that the problem may be related to F#. So I have added the F# project folder to the exclude list in R# options. I also added the *.fs file type to the excluded files.

So far it's looking good. I have built several times, and editing F# code is smooth.

PS. Still looking good! :) Think I found the solution!

PPS. Also disabling R# for TypeScript files may be a good idea (or so I've heard).


Things that may be confusing when moving to F#

I have been doing C# for quite a few years, and I have started using F# recently. I am only occasionally coding in F# so I tend to forget some things from one time to the other. So here's what I must remember:
  • The sequence of F# code files in Visual Studio matters!
    • To have access to a module or type from another module, that module must be declared before (higher up) the other module.
    • To move a module up, use Alt + ArrowUp.
  •  Indentation matters!
    • If some code is part of some enclosing element, that code must be indented.
Here's a great article: