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SQL Server 2008 Client Tools Install Pain

In this blog post it is described how you need to upgrade Visual Studio 2008 to SP1 if you are installing any of these…

  • BIDS
  • Management tools (Basic or Full version)
  • Integration Services
  • … and you have previously installed VS2008, then you will need to upgrade it to SP1.

    I did install a trial version of VS2008 but now I have uninstalled everything, but still getting the same failed requirement.

    So now I am trying to install SP1, even if I don’t know what products it could be upgrading since I removed them all. Perhaps it is something like a C++ runtime or something that was left behind by the uninstaller?

    The SP1 installer seemed to be stuck on “WebDesignerCore_KB950278”. But proceeded after quite a while (20 minutes, maybe more).

    Then it took a long time to install “VS90sp1-KB945140-X86-ENU”.

    I got a Fatal Error at the end of the install, so now I don’t know what was installed or not. So either try to reinstall SP1 or try to install the client tools?

    Tried to install client tools, and to my surprise it succeeded!