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Creating your first Silverlight 2.0 application

Good article with some videos that show you how to get started with Silverlight 2.0 in Visual Studio 2008:

Microsoft Patterns and Practices: Application Architecture Guide 2.0a

I came across this excellent book while surfing yesterday: Application Architecture Guide 2.0a. It seems to be very good, taking into consideration most of the aspects of an application Architecture. It has a "Fast Track" chapter that summarises different patterns and practices, and when to use what. This chapter has references to the other chapters if one needs to go deeper in.

Best of all: the book is free! The book can be downloaded as PDF from CodePlex:

I just discovered that there is a presentation available that summarises much of the book:

The book may be a little outdated with regards to the latest developments in O/RM (Entity Framework / NHibernate etc.) and maybe some other places as well, but it gives an excellent overview, and tries to be technology-agnostic.


Linq Flavors


I am reading up on Linq, and see that there are a few types of Linq implementations. like for instance LinqToSharePoint or Linq ToFlickr. Reading this makes me think of a few other that could be useful:

  • LinqToWikipedia - for querying for information in an application
  • LinqToLiveSearch (…or Google?)
  • LinqToFacebook
  • LinqToLiveEarth (... or Google Maps) - for finding places