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SSH : Support : Cryptography A-Z

Site with a lot of information on cryptography, and different algorithms.
Visual Studio 2005: Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippets

This is very cool! Nice and free collection of code snippets from Microsoft, ready for pasting into your application source.


Server-Side Asynchronous Methods for ASP.NET and WinFX - The Code Project - C# WebServices

This article describes how to make asychronous calls to a web service. This is useful when the web service has to perform some task that takes a while to complete before returning the result to the client. By making an asynchronous call, the thread of the calling process can go back into the pool and be useful for other purposes while waiting for the response.

2006-03-27 | Nettet på: en helt ny måte

This article in Norwegian gives a few tips on starting out with Ajax (Asyncronous Javascript and XML).


WebService Connection problems

Quote from a newsgroup (slightly modified):
"If a website (or a webservice) calls a webservice on the same server, then there is no limit on outgoing connections on the Framework. Due to this, the number of outgoing connections to the ASMX page will be huge, and for each connect that takes place, one wildcard TCP port gets used. Since there is a limit of 5000 wildcard TCP ports on the OS, pretty soon, after 5000 or so socket.Connects(), they will start failing with "unable to connect exceptions".

If the authentication is set to NTLM, then you will run into this problem sooner. This is because NTLM uses one extra connection, and after each successful request, that connection is torn down. If you are running into this, try setting "UnsafeAuthenticatedConnectionSharing=true" on the underlying HttpWebRequest
of the client."

A web service client has in .NET by default a limit of 2 connections. You can adjust this limit by putting the following into the web.config file of the client web (not sure about winforms clients, but probably you can put the same into the config file here as well):

<add maxconnection="40" address="*">
Solving "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send." (Webservices)

Jan Thielen (MVP) gives a solution to the problem of sporadic errors of type "The underlying connection was closed".

In essence, you need to add the following code to your Webreference's Reference.cs file:

protected override System.Net.WebRequest GetWebRequest(Uri uri)
System.Net.HttpWebRequest webRequest =
(System.Net.HttpWebRequest) base.GetWebRequest(uri);
webRequest.KeepAlive = false; return webRequest;


Caring for your introvert

This article explains why introverts are the way they are, so that maybe extroverts can understand them better.


Code Generation with Codesmith

Codesmith is an excellent tool for generating general code, like for instance cargos. You don't always have to type all the boring code. Codesmith can do some of the tedious work!
Sam Gentile : No More VSS, Its Subversion

Visual Sourcesafe or as it is now known Team System is not so stable it seems. This to a degree that makes Same Gentile refer to it under the name "Unsafe" (as opposed to its real name "SourceSafe"). His team is now going for the open-source freeware Subversion source code versioning system.


List of .NET 2.0 and C# 2.0 new features - The Code Project - Book Chapters

Very useful list of new features in .NET 2.0 and C" 2.0.
Ajax (programming) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ajax is a hot buzzword these days (Asynchronous Javascript And Xml). It is a technique for making web GUIs that look more like windows forms applications (less flicker, less postback) because more operations are performed client-side.
Bamboo.Prevalence - a .NET object prevalence engine

An alternate to storing business objects in a database. Now that 64 bit CPU's are coming more and more, and they can handle much more RAM, this is probably something for now and the future. 3000 times faster than mySQL!

This is how it works:
1) All business objects are stored in RAM. 2) Once in a while a snapshot of all business objects is serialised to disk. 3) All operations on objects are stored in a log.

So what if the server crashes?
1) Restore the last snapshot.
2) Replay all actions from log.
A lot like the MS SQL Server backup / Transaction Log bacup.