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ASP.NET Web: Starter Kits
Blog som sier hvordan man kan slå av/på validering av requests i .NET Framework 1.1
ASP.NET Request Validation and Cross-Site Scripting
Dette er kult! Deserialiserer et objekt direkte fra web.config!
The Last Config Section Handler I'll ever need - HOWTO Overcome missing namespace declaration in root node


Stumbled across this very nice site on my way through the web:
Lutz Roeder's Programming.NET C# VB CLR WinFX.

Check out the "Reflector for .NET" and the "Resourcer for .NET". Also has a very nice game called "Digger".


CDex CD extractor, playback, etc. with sourcecode
CDex Home Page
CD ripper, MP3 Compressor, WMA Compressor using C#
My software projects


John Skeet's homepage (C# MVP)
C# and .NET articles and links